A Little About Us - United Septic Protection

United Septic Protection is committed to being the most recognized name in the utility line and septic community. Founded in 2013, our goal is to help our customers get the most from their plumbing and septic systems, without having to worry about inconvenient and costly system break-downs.

Our technicians

We employ some of the most qualified technicians in the business. We don’t let just any plumbing contractor do work for us – our technicians must fill out paperwork with their experience, business information and references to be considered.

We verify their rates and compare them to the industry norms; then, we check their records to see if there are any registered complaints against their company. If so, we give them an opportunity to explain any complaints that raise a red flag.

Our services

United Septic Protection offers a variety of services for residential and commercial customers. Chief among these services are our Plumbing and Septic Protection plans. For one affordable fee, we will cover most any repair or replacement you might face from your systems. That means you don’t have to worry about getting an astronomical bill when you can least afford it. After all, you purchase insurance for your vehicles and dwellings. Consider this insurance for your water systems.

Working with United Septic Protection

We consider our customers our neighbors and friends. That’s why we only send the most qualified technicians to work on your home or business. In addition, we actively solicit retail and dining deals for our protection club members. Members also get $25 in reward dollars each month. That amounts to $300/year in savings. You can use these reward dollars at popular stores and eateries, such as The Gap, Nike, TGI Fridays and Subway.

To learn more about United Septic Protection’s plumbing and septic protection plans and how you can become a member, request information via our website or call us at 1-888-350-3458.