Limit of Liability and Conditions - United Septic Protection

The provisions of the Septic Line Protection provides for the repair or replacement at company discretion of failure of in-ground and exterior wastewater lines and tank (excluding fixtures, pumps, grinders, pump out, root intrusions, closets, tubs, filters, clogs, or general maintenance.) This coverage applies to all piping that is in compliance with industry standards as well as Local, State and National or Federal Codes. This coverage is limited to one tank only. If more than one tank exists, United Septic Protection reserves the right to select which tank will be covered.

  • All equipment covered by this agreement must be in good working condition at the time you sign up for the program and must conform to all industry standards and any and all local, state federal and national codes. Pipes or tanks that are damaged as a result of freezing are excluded. Company reserves the right to require proof in writing of previous service records prior to service
  • Old plumbing or in-ground lines may wear out. In these cases, there is a repair limit imposed under this agreement of $5,000 per occurrence. In the event that the parts are no longer made or available a comparable substitute will be attempted. If no substitute is possible there is no coverage available under this agreement.
  • All occupied homes, condominiums and town homes are eligible
  • This agreement provides coverage on a monthly/quarterly/annual basis. The term of this agreement begins 30 days after we receive your first payment. It will be automatically renewed until terminated. Coverage ends in the event of non-payment
  • We are not responsible for upgrades and will only return the surface area to a rough finish. We are not responsible for matching dimensions, brand or color of any water line used in the event of the necessity of line replacement.
  • If it is determined that the coverage under this contract does not apply, or no covered breakdown is discovered, you will be responsible for the entire cost of the repair visit.
  • If you are delinquent in your monthly payments at the time of service, your service request will be denied
  • In the event there is any other collectible insurance, protection or guarantee coverage available to the purchaser covering a loss also covered under this service contract, this contract will pay in excess of and not contribute with other insurance, protection or guarantee.
  • The price of this service may be adjusted from time to time. Notice of any price adjustment will be given to you, in writing at least 30 days prior to implementation. You may terminate coverage by given written notice prior to the effective date of increase.
  • Septic Line Protection is transferable. Please contact customer service for rules.
  • This Document, together with the Addenda items incorporated by reference and any Exhibits, constitutes the full, complete, absolute, and entire agreement between Company and Dealer, superseding any prior written or oral representations, agreements, or understanding between the parties relating to this Agreement or the subject matter hereof. Dealer warrants and acknowledges that there are no other agreements or understandings between the parties except as specifically agreed to herein and that any future representation, agreement, understandings, or waivers to be binding upon parties hereto, must be reflected in writing signed by both parties.
  • To ensure you receive reputable and unbiased service, we have an extensive network of SERVICE PROVIDERS who supply service to our Club Members at fair and reasonable rates. Our network, however, is not all inclusive trade, in every town, across the nation. For that reason, we may authorize you to contact an Independent out of Network Contractor directly to obtain Service. When we request or authorize you to obtain an INDEPENDENT OUT OF NETWORK CONTRACTOR to perform diagnosis and/or service::1) We recommend that the Contractor be qualified(licensed) and insured, and charge fair and reasonable rates for parts and service.2) Once the technician is at the home, and prior to any services being rendered, you must call our Authorization Department with the technician’s diagnosis and dollar amount of services required. 3) We will provide an Authorization Number in writing for the covered services and dollar amount that we have authorized. Failure to contact us as outlined will result in denial of coverage.4) upon completion of the authorized services, the Contractor must provide you an itemized invoice for the authorized charges. 5) You must submit the itemized invoice, including the Authorization Number provided by us, for reimbursement. 6) You are expected to pay the Independent Out-of-Network Contractor directly for the services rendered and then submit the invoice to us United Septic Club for reimbursement. Reimbursement checks will be sent to you within 60(sixty days) of receiving the invoice for covered repair performed.


  • Pre-existing conditions, defects or deficiencies.
  • Any material, parts or labor required as a result of abuse, misuse, vandalism, freezing, fire, wind, water, lightening, ice, snow, explosion, mud, earthquake, pet damage, pest damage, acts of God, power or water fluctuations, flooding, riots, or military unrest, damage caused by equipment not covered; repairs covered by manufacturer’s recall, warranty, or other service contract; modifications, improper installation, alterations, unauthorized repair; consequential or inconsequential damage; maintenance; or damage to exterior surfaces. This agreement does not cover accessories or maintenance items.
  • Any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from nuclear radiation, nuclear reaction, or radioactive contamination however such nuclear radiation, nuclear reaction, or radioactive contamination may have been caused.
  • Consequential, indirect, or direct damages, injury or illness caused by delays, non-availability of parts, failure to service, labor difficulties and other conditions beyond the administrator’s control. We reserve the right to use qualified contractors, selects parts to be used, and to restrict certain makes or equipment used to fulfill all or any part of our obligation under the terms of this agreement.
  • THE LACK OF CAPACITY, ADEQUACY, EFFICIENCY, ORANGEBURGE LINES, TILES, ROOT INTRUSION, DESIGN OR IMPROPER INSTALLATION OR THE INACCESSIBILITY OF ANY SYSTEM, APPLIANCE. All piping covered only pertains to your main residence and not outlying or non-connected buildings of any kind; garden, pool, spas or fountains.
  • Chemical or sedimentary build up, oversaturation, failure to pass percolation test, ground failure, drain field failure, failure to clean or maintain as specified by the equipment manufacturer, missing parts, or structural changes. Maintenance is defined as clogs in vent stack or piping or water lines. We are not responsible for cabinetry, carpentry, and surfaces of any kind including but not limited to tiles carpet, counter tops, marble, etc.
  • The alteration, modification, upgrade, addition or deletion from the covered product, nor does it cover the cost of routine maintenance.
  • Connecting or upgrading any parts, system, appliance, in order to comply with any federal, state or local laws, regulations ordinances, or codes of utility regulations, or to meet changes in efficiency requirements (including but not limited to, heating system efficiency requirements), or meet current building or zoning requirements, or to correct for code violations. This includes any corrections or upgrades at the time of repair, which are required by law, regulation or ordinance. We are not responsible for service when permits cannot be obtained, nor will we pay any costs relating to permits.
  • Any services or repair associated with hazardous material, treatment, removal, or disposal. This agreement does cover, when necessary, the opening of walls, ceiling, or floors. Service also does not include the reseeding or replacing grass.

WA residents: Please note we do not offer any of our programs in the state of Washington

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The plan is not insurance coverage, nor is it a warranty product. United Septic Protections provides various club plans with a variety benefits. Please review each club’s costs and coverage to see the benefits associated with each club.

CANCELLATION OF THE UNITED SEPTIC PROTECTION: PURCHASER may cancel the UNITED SEPTIC CLUB PROTECTION by CONTACTING Administrator Services via mail at United Septic Protection at 2304 Hurstbourne Village Drive, Suite 600 Louisville, KY 40299 or by faxing notification to 888.748.9967. Cancellation becomes effective at the end of the current month of coverage. If the Septic Protection Club is cancelled, the PURCHASER shall be entitled to a pro-rata refund of the paid Club Plan price for the un-expired term less a $50 administrative fee and any service costs incurred by United Septic Protection.

FL, LA, MS, ND, OK, RI, SC, SD and TX residents: Member shall receive a full refund of membership fees, excluding registration/application/trial fee, if membership is cancelled within the first 30 days after the effective date.

AR and TN residents: A refund of all fees will be issued if membership is cancelled within the first 30 days.
MD Residents: The membership fee and any one-time registration/application/trial fee (minus $5.00) will be refunded if cancelled within the first 30 days and upon return of savings card and/or certificates.